Prior to the start of billing, we work with you to set up a customized price list to establish rates for your specific equipment and materials.

We then request copies of each report, which can be submitted online through our website, reports can also be submitted via fax, email or US Mail, generate a bill and submit it to the appropriate insurance company. Most times, we have to send the bill two and three times and follow-up with phone calls on our end... it is our job to fight for you!

When payments from insurance companies are received, we copy them, notify you that day via email, log them and forward copies to your department on a monthly basis along with a detailed billing spreadsheet and a check for your department.

We work within your guidelines or departmental by-laws.


  • Specialize in assisting first-time departments.
  • Are firefighter owned and operated.
  • Have a staggering 49.1% collection rate.
  • Have collected over $12 Million Dollars for our departments.
  • Have the highest average collection rate in the industry of over $980 per incident collected.
  • Do not give up on claims that are denied unjustly, we pursue the insurance companies relentlessly.
  • We are an affiliate of the largest fire recovery service on the East Coast of the US.
  • Offer ordinance/resolution consultations to the cities, counties, and parishs of our departments.
  • Return all phone calls within 48 hours.
  • Guarantee, if you contract with us, follow our program, we will add revenue to your budget.

Above all else, we are firefighters helping firefighters!