Shawn Meder, President PAFRS

As family of a volunteer firefighter for over 25 years, we've seen departments struggle to survive due to dwindling membership and failed fundraising efforts. We watched as our family member served as the Treasurer for his department for several years, we saw how sad finances could be in the volunteer service.

By mid-year all allotted funds from the municipalities are exhausted and budgets have to be strictly enforced. All hopes of purchasing new equipment are lost. We are here to protect the community, but sadly don't usually have the funds to equip our team.

This in mind, a number of years ago, Meder took action and turned our team's hard work into dollars. In the initial year, he recovered about $6,000 for his department... a department with a call volume of less than 200. This money made their equipment "wish list" a reality. It became his mission to help other departments in the same boat.

Sixteen years later, we now have the honor of working with over 900 fire departments and see over a million dollars of additional funding put back into the fire service yearly. We are firefighters working for firefighters! Proudly Serving DE, MD, NJ, WV, and PA.