Our fire company has been working with Pa Fire Recovery Service for approximately one year; we decided to use PAFRS for our cost recovery on the recommendation of a neighboring fire company. The advice was good because they are a great company to deal with. They have gotten back with us in a timely manner with any questions we have had, and I can't say enough about their customer service. The main thing I see is that we work well together and that's important.

Matt Bakes

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to comment on our relationship. We have been receiving this additional income for about one and a half years. The relationship we have is very professional in that we only bill for insured coverage amounts we have been able to maintain our standing in the community. We have improved our ability to promptly handle more difficult and remote extrications with the addition of the Power Hawk line of battery operated tools paid for with these funds.

Steve Schure

Cherrytree Township Volunteer Fire Department's association with PA Fire Recovery Service (PAFRS) has been gratifying so far. They have collected on many more claims then our previous billing service. The methods for submitting claims are easy and straight forward. Currently we are faxing in our claim forms but are aware of the on-line feature.

PAFRS reports on our claims are timely and on time. They email all of our information on the 1st of the month so it is available for our meetings. Checks are usually sent on the 1st of the month also. The moneys generated by their efforts have made it possible to keep ahead of the repairs needed on our 1989 tanker and pay normal bills. As a rural fire department with no tax income, any funds are greatly appreciated.

Don Deliman

The people who work for PA Fire Recovery Service have been great to work with,we always have an open communication with them when it comes to any billing concerns that we have. We get quick responses, monthly statements, and a reliable income that helps us with our everyday operating expenses. We have recommended their company to several of the companies that we work with on fire scenes, and would recommend them to anyone to use.

Jeff Comisiak

It has been nothing but a pleasure doing business with PA Fire Recovery Service.Our income from rescue billing has increased 5 fold since you brought us onboard. It's nice to have a real person to talk to when the need arises, and the answers to e-mails couldn't be any faster or accurate. Thanks for a great year. Hopefully this is the start of long relationship. We have been with different billing companies for the passed 15 years and your service has been a cut above the rest. Again thank you for a great year.

Walter Turner

I just wanted to write you a quick note to relate how pleased we at Station 23 are with your services. In the past we have used different collection or recovery services and have had minimal results. In the amount of time that we have been doing business together our recoveries have more than doubled. The extra funds that you have aided us in acquiring have allowed us to upgrade tools and equipment, such as rescue tools and a new rescue truck in 2009. Your service has been prompt, professional and reliable. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to any and all fire companies. Thank you for what you have done and we look forward to a long relationship.

M. Philip Meyers

When faced with the opportunity to start billing, I was hesitant thinking about the tradition of providing our services for free. But looking at the state of the economy and not billing victims directly, we decided to look into it further. PA Fire Recovery System was our first choice. Shawn and his staff are great, easy to work with and submitting information for billing is easily done online.

In the last year we have collected over 75% of our submitted claims it has helped us cover operational costs tremendously. The income of billing for services rendered supplements the shortfall of fundraisers that may be affected by the hard economic times for all.

With the rising cost of supplies and equipment, we use our monies collected to recoup our cost of supplies and further our training. Talking to other companies about their billing arrangements, I thank the heavens above for PAFRS and their excellent success of collecting our claims.

Ed Beneshunas

In March of 2007 the Fuller Hose Company in North East, Pennsylvania changed from another billing agency to P.A. Fire Recovery Systems. Within the first months we have seen a better return in our cost recovery income. Now that our department has been using the P.A.F.R.S for nearly one year, we have seen a 40% increase in our billable insurance recovery income. As strictly an Engine company, the Fuller Hose Co. cannot rely on supplemental income, such as that from EMS, as many other departments in our area do. With recent increases in operational costs and decreases in donations, the use of the P.A.R.F.S has allowed us to maintain a steady income and remain financially viable during difficult times. We, the members of the Fuller Hose Company, highly recommend the P.A.R.F.S to any volunteer fire department who wishes to tap this often overlooked resource.

Matt Skrekla

Our experience has been nothing short of rewarding on all aspects of the service you provide. From the simplicity of the documentation needed to the prompt and relentless pursue of the payment from the insurance agencies on your end. Along with the immediate updates and monthly reports it has really been an enjoyable experience that I donít see ending anytime in the future. We utilize the monies collected through your service for upkeep and the purchasing of new equipment. This really takes a load off the financial side of the organization, if the equipment makes the money it goes back into the equipment. Finally on behalf of my department I would like to sincerely thank you and your company for the excellent service you provide along with the opportunities it has afforded us.

Kenneth J. Carroll

I would like to take this opportunity to provide feedback to PA Fire Recovery Service. Gouldsboro Volunteer Fire Company began using PAFRS about a year ago for Fire Company Billing. We have a separate EMS organization and were not seeing any results from billing through them. Therefore, we decided to go out on our own. To date, I would say our company is pleased with the results we have seen from using PAFRS.

We did not have to change our reporting in any way. The information that was required for the billing process was already information that we were collecting on incidents. All we need to do is fax the information and wait for payment. The process couldn't be simpler and the results are far better than anything we have used in the past. We put all the money generated through billing into our truck fund which is necessary to help pay for a much needed new engine we recently purchased to replace a 1976 engine.

Denise Rinaldi

PAFRS is the number 1 cost recovery services agency in PA. Their service to the Fire/EMS community of PA is second to none, from start to finish! Since selecting PAFRS for our cost recovery agency we have had great cost recovery returns. Money we would have lost in years past. With the money PAFRS has recovered we are able to replenish our supplies, pay down our operating costs and put back into training our members. So, if your company is looking to recovery costs associated with providing a vital service to your community look no further then PAFRS.

Mike Evans

Our department felt compelled to write a testimonial for PAFRS due to the excellent returns and commitment they have provided for us. Several years ago we were trying different billing agencies in an effort to recoup some of our expendable goods and received next to nothing in return. We were informed of PAFRS from a neighboring fire department and decided after reviewing the contract to sign on for a year. We are here to tell everyone that we are staying with PAFRS for a very long time. The returns are paying bills, allowing expendable goods to be replaced, providing the increased ability to purchase equipment and the list goes on. The billing forms are user friendly and the necessary phone calls or e-mails required are completed in less than 24 hours with many being answered within a few hours. We have really enjoyed a great working relationship with PAFRS and we are looking forward to many more years of success.

Joe Temarantz
Department Chief

I would like to thank you for your time and effort on our billing service. I made an attempt to do our own billing process and it did not do very well. Your billing format is simple and it does not take very long to fill them out. Our collection rate has done well as we know how insurance company's can handle claims. The money that we do receive helps to replace items that we use on calls and pay for fuel. I have recommended your service to other departments in our area, which one has climbed onboard with your service. Thanks, again for all your help.

Doug Phelps

PA Fire Recovery Service has impressed our department with their hard work on the recovery of payments for us. The extra money helped with the rising costs of fuel and heating. The hard work they put in for our small department shows us the outstanding people who work for their company.

Neal White

Leesburg fire department entered into this company unsure how it was going to work. Well in the 1 st month of going to calls like we normally do received our 1 st statement and saw what was billed out. Sure enough a week later we received our 1 st e mail that they had received a check I thought wow that was easy. a few more e mails came about payments received. the next month we received statement that we were receiving a check to us for $6,300 sure enough couple days later the check was in mail box. We never dreamed this was going to be this easy for doing what we normally do except gathering 2 more minutes worth of information. Thank you PA Fire Recovery for coming into our department and raising much needed funds for our little department.

Walter Hughes Jr.

I'd like to say that your company has been a pleasure to work with. We have worked with other billing companies in the past, and we did not recover as much money compared to using your company. We appreciate your responsiveness when we have questions. Your company also takes the time to notify US when there are questions. That shows that you guys try to go out of your way to get the money in. We also appreciate the Excel spreadsheets (statements) that you prepare for us that show what calls are outstanding and which ones we have been paid for. The money we get back from cost recovery is used in various ways. We buy equipment and pay bills.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank YOU for all of your hard work on our behalf.

George Russo, Sr.

We would just like to let you know that since our department started using PA Fire Recovery Services, we have gained some money back into our department that we did not know we could get. We only had 12 bills that we collected from last year but it was a help. When our department gets money back we are putting it into our truck payment to help pay off our Tower Ladder.

It is so easy to collect all you do is fill out the information and submit it to PAFRS; they do the rest and send you out a check from the collections. Shawn and the staff are great to work with and any time you have problems or questions just send them an email or call and they get right back to you. They will provide you with the help and/or guidance you need. The thing to remember is the more calls you have or bill for the greater amount of money you will see.

Bill Nealis

Customer Service is great, quick response returning calls.

I'd like to say that your company has been a pleasure to work with. We have worked with other billing companies in the past, and we did not recover as much money compared to using your company. We appreciate your responsiveness when we have questions. Your company also takes the time to notify US when there are questions. That shows that you guys try to go out of your way to get the money in. We also appreciate the Excel spreadsheets (statements) that you prepare for us that show what calls are outstanding and which ones we have been paid for. The money we get back from cost recovery is used in various ways. We buy equipment and pay bills.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank YOU for all of your hard work on our behalf.

George Russo, Sr.

I would like first to start off in saying it has been a great pleasure working with Fire Recovery Service for the few months we have been on board. Your process of getting a PA department signed up for billing is simple and easy and causes no stress compared to other billing companies. Bottom line the process is quick, easy and painless. We have seen more revenue coming into our department since we have made the switch from our previous billing company. Ultimately, when our department has questions or concerns were able to call on the phone or simply send an email to your company with the notion of having a speedy response within 24 hours. Keep up the good work because our department is not going anywhere for a very long time.

Thanks for everything you do!!!!!

Craig Simons

It has been a pleasure to work with Fire PA Fire Recovery Service. The funds we get from your services are used to buy fire equipment that we couldn't afford otherwise. Of course, getting any kind of money is great compared to not getting any money at all. We have been recommending PA Fire Recovery Service to all the surrounding departments.

One great feature that sticks out is being able to go to the website and input the information saving a lot of time and effort on our part. It also ensures the info goes through verses relying on a fax that might not go through or be legible.

Another great perk is the customer service relationship. That is a very big important factor to us. It is great when we have questions. We call, leave a message, and a response is within the day. This keeps the customer/supplier relationship on great terms which we find very valuable.

We appreciate all the help you have given our fire company.

Shanan A. Poe

We have been using your service for over two years now, and we are finding it very useful. The money that is collected from the insurance companies is used for equipment and other supplies for the company. The process of entering the information into the computer and sending it to you is extremely easy, and to know that we might get something back from your service makes it so much more worth it. Being a volunteer company we count on donations and fundrasiers to get extra money and with your service it helps us out as well. Myself, and the rest of Pennsburg Fire Company want thank you for your service.

Greg Young

We used another billing agency for 2 years prior to switching to PA Fire Recovery Service. We received more revenue in 2 months then we did in 2 years with our old billing co. I would recommend PA Fire Recovery Service to everyone.

Michael Wasson

Perkasie Fire Company No. 1 is pleased with the professional assistance provided by PA Fire Recovery Service. As a rescue service, we have been able to recoup costs for materials used on vehicle extrications from out of district residents. The Department has utilized the money received to replace and upgrade equipment used on time consuming fire incidents. The money received accounts for 15% of our annual operating expenses. I have recommended the recovery services provided by the staff at PA Fire Recovery Services to my mutual-aid Departments.

David Worthington

We cover a close knit community that is spread out over a fairly large area and PA Fire Recovery Service does a job that no one here would want to do. By direct billing the home owner's insurance company, PA Fire Recovery Service saves us the time, hassle and frustration of doing this ourselves. The online bill submission is direct and easy to fill in with just the information acquired at the scene. One half year's returns are more than we would see from all of our BBQ's and pancake breakfasts combined. Shawn and his crew know the business and are fast, efficient and are good at what they do. This leaves us more time to do what we need to do.

Dave Magliacane

The forms both paper and online version are simple to understand and complete. We have only been with the company for a short time but are completely happy. We have already generated a fair amount of money for the amount of time we have been doing this. We plan on using the money to replace equipment and items such as speedy dry etc that we use on the calls that before we had to eat the cost of. We also are using it to pay the everyday bills as well as offset the cost of fuel to run the trucks which again in the past we had to eat the cost. We plan on putting some away to purchase new equipment such as rescue tools, scba's and other items that were not essential but would be great to have but couldn't afford before. We are also looking at putting a small amount from each check received into a savings account to collect interest and help in large equipment or apparatus purchases in the future.

Brian Stout

Shawn and his staff at PA Fire Recovery do a great job recovering funds for our department! We are a small rural department with several heavily traveled state highways in our coverage area so we have quite a few serious crashes in a years time. It was quick and easy to get set up with them. They always respond very promptly to any questions we have. If your department is considering cost recovery billing, which you should be you should sign up right now with PA Fire Recovery!

Eric Fox
Assistant Fire Chief RVFC #1

We are very grateful that your department takes the time to bill for our department.Being a volunteer fire department, and a small one at that, we do not have the call volume of other departments. Additionally, we are not QRS and we don't have an ambulance, but we need to be able to recover money for the calls that we are able to. Our department is extremely pleased with PAFRS. You respond to our needs, take the time to work with us, and provide us with a necessary income.


After trying two other cost recovery services and having unfavorable results then trying cost recovery on our own and realizing it took to much time we decided to look at PAFRS. After meeting with Shawn in June of 2005 and hearing how PAFRS operated I signed the contract that evening. We have consistently had increasing and tremendous results with PAFRS in our cost recovery efforts. While we have not purchased specific equipment with the generated revenue the Fire Company President is continually saying "KEEP THE CHECKS COMING, CHIEF..."

With PAFRS online submission the process to generate income you never had is almost EFFORTLESS. All you do is provide the required information online and PAFRS does the rest including notifying you when a check is received and then letting you know at the end of each month that the check is in the mail. I would highly recommend PAFRS as your cost recovery specialist.

Thomas Barndt

Until we started using Pa Fire Recovery Service we did NOT have any way of billing for structure fires and car accidents. Since we started billing with the company we have brought in a little over $4,000. Now that seems small to some, but it was a big help for our dept. I would definitely recommend this company and have recommended the company to other area Vol. Fire companies.

Jamie Carson

PAFRS has been great, its like getting free money. The process is quick and simple a few minutes to fill out the online report and just await the money. I never have to worry about follow ups or phone calls as they handle everything and send monthly reports on the status of each claim.

One of the biggest complaints I had as chief is recruitment and retention. I hated asking personnel to show up and wash dishes or sell hoagie's to raise money for equipment/gear. PAFRS has freed us from this, leaving more time where it was needed for training. We use the money to cover materials from each call as well maintenance on each truck, tools and gear. I would recommend their service to any department looking to cover operating costs with barely any additional work.

Michael Eshleman

Using PA Fire Recovery Service has truly helped our department out through this difficult time with the economy. We just started using PAFRS in December 2008 and have received over $6,000 already. We have never billed for fire/rescue calls in the past so you can imagine how everyone in the department feels about your services. We are purchasing a new engine, due the second week of February, and the financial reimbursement we are receiving from your company has been going toward some odds and ends with that. We are discussing other ways the recovery can be put to use. We haven't come up with an actual plan on a specific use for the moneys collected yet, but are actively pursuing it. It is very easy on our end to turn in a report. We were surprised at how quickly the turn around has been on some of the billing. You guys are doing a wonderful job. We appreciate everything.

Dave Calladine

Since we have started with Pa Fire Recovery Service we have generated extra revenue that helps us pay everyday bills, and keep our equipment up to date. I have had no bad experiences with Pa. Fire Recovery Service. All phone calls are returned within a day. All and all Pa Fire Recovery Service is a great co. to fill your billing needs.

Chad Wallace

We have increased our income. This is money we never had before. Sending a report to PA Fire Recovery Service is easy and they do the rest. The report they send us every month keeps our collections straight and is no hassle to us. All we have to do is wait for the checks to come in. They do all the follow up work for the insurance companies that don't want to pay. A good job done by Shawn & staff!

Cliff Joslin

These People are fantastic. They get us money we could never get on our own. They have been a blessing to our Fire Company!

Charlie Krasnevich

We, the members of the Windber Fire Department are greatly thankful for the PA Fire Recovery Service. Our departments averages about 350 calls a year, with a majority of them being vehicle accidents. In this day and age funding for volunteer departments is tough. After adding the billing to our department we have generated over $10,000 in returns that this department greatly needed. We were able to pay off some bills, get much needed equipment, and were able to fix equipment that we did not have the money to fix. You have a 50/50 shot with insurances, and as easy as it is to fill out the paper work and submit, it costs you nothing, but you have so much you could gain. I would highly recommend this service to any department that would like to see monetary returns for there services.

Bill Killinger