How much does it cost to start with SFRS?


What does it cost per report submitted?

  • There is absolutely no charge until we recover money for your department.

Will this change our department's tax exempt status?

  • No. There will be no change in your tax exempt status.

We've never billed... is getting started difficult?

  • We specialize in Departments that are new to billing. We take the time to make sure every detail is covered and that the startup is as smooth as possible.

Do we need to have an ordinance in place to bill?

  • Absolutely not... However, in some cases ordinances do help.

We don't currently have an ordinance. Can SFRS help us with one?

  • We have many examples of ordinances that we would be happy to share with you.

How much of a time commitment is required on our part?

  • Very little time on your part is involved. You already work hard enough on the scene, you shouldn�t have to work hard behind the scenes. Let us do the work for you!

Can we bill just insurance companies and not send bills to individuals?

  • Yes, we have several departments that only bill insurance companies.

Can we bill individuals if insurance companies deny the initial claim?

  • Yes, once again, we have several departments that peruse claims beyond insurance companies.

Can we still bill if we are funded by our municipality?

  • Yes, very few departments are 100% funded by their municipality. Also, keep in mind that many insurance companies have clauses built into their policies to cover fire department responses whether it is a fully funded city department or a volunteer department.

Do we have to re-do our incident reports?

  • In most cases, no. If your current report does not have all the information needed, we provide secondary form or can draft a new report for you.

How can we submit reports?

  • There are several options for report submission including mail, email, fax or online submission.

Can we set up a meeting with a representative from SFRS?

  • We truly enjoy meeting with departments. We do request at least 3 interested departments in your area in order to set up a meeting.