My fire department just started using this company...and the limited time that we have been on board...it has been so easy and a night and day differnce from our old billing company.

Brandon Wagner

SFRS worked with me to make sure reporting our incidents was a simple, easy process. All we had to is submit the incidents and wait for payment. The process couldn't be easier!

Alfred Point

Fantastic service. Highly recommend. Has saved me so much time administratively, If you have any concerns regarding their service, feel free to message me.

Jeffrey Moore

Since I'm promoting some great people today, I would also like to get Geoff from Sure Fire Recovery a shout out. They handle all our non-member fires as well as any accidents we have on our highways. Great family to deal with, so if your dept is looking for a quality third party billing agency that won't take advantage of your dept, I would give him a call. Geoff is the president and owner and has a true heart to help any fire dept in need of their services. Would like to give Geoff a shout out and thank him for his services to Preston Volunteer Fire Dept.

Brian Bennett